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El nuevo ANAKIN ha nacido para ser el racer mas avanzado hasta el momento.

Su diseño modular permite muchas modificaciones mecanicas de su chasis para infinidad de ajustes.

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269,90 € IVA incluído

389,00 € IVA incluído


Caracteristicas avanzadas:

-Soporta helices de 6".

-Estructura diedrica para obtener maxima resistencia al impacto.

-Geometria de vuelo completamente configurable mecanicamente.

-Minima resistencia al aire para mayores velocidades y minimo consumo.

-Electronica completamente protegida.

-Ensambado y testeado.

-Usa lipos 3S de 1300mA a 2200mA.


El combo incluye:

4 x MOTORS: Our new FPV racer motors, X2204 2300kv are the perfect power plant for your anakin, able to deliver 250W and spin a 6'' propellers, perfectly dynamic ballanced, they use only highest quality components like japanese bearings and sh45 neodym magnets.

4 x ESC: Only 12mm wide and plenty of power, capable of delivering a sustained 20A on 3s they will stay cold even under the hardest conditions..., using the latest FPV racer technology ( oneshot125, active breaking,...) they will bring your anakin alive...

4 x PROPELLERS: Gemfam 6x45"  

CC3D: Cc3d nano, the ultimate latest generation 32 bits flight controller, packed in an orange anodized aluminium box, pre-programmed and ready to use with openpilot.

VIDEO TRANSMITTER VTX: 25mW to 200mW and 40 channels

CAMERA: when FPV flying, the camera becomes your eyes, no compromise, it must be excellent, your anakin bind ready is equiped with top end ccd 800tvl camera, no settings needed here, it is pretuned for you, high dynamic range, fantastic bright colour, 1Mp 2,8lens, low latency, all a racer will need to win the next race.






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